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The History of Osiris

Our past makes our future credible!

Founded in 2001, OSIRIS' experience in organising unique travel and events makes it the benchmark for creativity and quality in the sector. Our quality and differentiation are recognized today and set the pace that will shape a future of unparalleled success.

The OSIRIS group also includes four companies with high levels of expertise: O-JETS (private aviation broker and medical flights), O-BUS (a single and exclusive means of transport), O-SPORTS (stages and sports events) and O-BIKE (leisure trips and bicycle events).

Code of Business Ethics

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Message from the President

"In pursuit of success and encompassing a vision and strategy for the future, OSIRIS teams have always been and are the key to process stability and ongoing process optimisation.

Creativity is another essential element for successful events and differentiating trips, assuming that the creative process is dynamic is therefore a regular concern and is present in OSIRIS' daily routines.

Since 2001, OSIRIS has gained a wide network of regular clients from 4 continents (incoming), it has established itself as a national reference in corporate travel management and incentive and has seen the professionalism of excellence and high rates of creativity recognized in organizing events and congresses.

Other areas in which the OSIRIS teams demonstrate high levels of specialization are highlighted: in the management of sports events, in the organisation of tailor-made and highly personalised leisure trips and as a private and executive aviation broker (through O-JETS, a group company).

We believe in safe, highly personalized and differentiated operations through creativity and level of experience."

Ricardo Ferreira
Managing partner OSIRIS

Joaquim Ferreira


By travelling through the different programmes suggested by the O-BIKE team it will be possible to get to know fantastic places in Portugal and feel the millenary history of a country with the oldest borders in Europe.
As we believe that the bicycle is a means of connecting people and traditions, our suggestions allow a connection to local populations and explore ancestral knowledge and memories.

O-Sports is a sports training camps and event organization based in Portugal and Spain. We specialize in providing a comprehensive service for sports teams, clubs, schools, institutions, and academies. Our experienced team takes care of all the necessary arrangements, such as accommodation, meals, sports operations, transportation, activities, and all other necessary services.

The result of the combination of knowledge with experience in the universe of private aviation and corporate travel, through which OSIRIS guarantees the best offer in terms of business executive jet and private airline solutions, with the ability to combine with scheduled flights. The OSIRIS teams are available to the various airline operators for technical and legal advice, marketing and sales of charter flights.

O-BUS is a new service combining transport and entertainment so you get the most from your time on board our amazing vehicle.

We offer tailor made entertainment (playlists, on board speech or lecture from host, streaming videos, on board DJ), snacks and drinks.