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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

In 2008 OSIRIS decided to add a new page in its history, thus creating OSIRIS SOCIAL, with the aim of assisting poor people to achieve some of their dreams.

It is a priority of the OSIRIS group to introduce socially responsible practices in its operations. The group seeks not only to support Social Solidarity Institutions (Charities), as well as to promote the participation of its teams in the various projects of the same nature in which it is involved. In order to achieve these two objectives, in 2008 OSIRIS SOCIAL was created. Our employees are actively involved with the cause and visit regularly, the institutions supported by the group.

Marisa Costa, a SHE-WOLF who runs believing (adapted sports)www.facebook.com/MarisaCostaAtleta

More recently, OSIRIS again decided to support a young athlete. Marisa Costa is 37 years. At the age of 15 she was diagnosed with lupus. Her heart turned to veteran/athletics. After attaining several regional and national titles, she focused on the European Masters Championship of 2017 in Denmark, a challenge that she successfully reached. Throughout the world, OSIRIS always believed. We are very proud of Marisa´s achievements. We will continue to support her as we have up to now, and believing in our SHE-WOLF.

The gold that ANDRÉ SOBREIRO wants to bring from Japan in 2020 (adapted sports)www.facebook.com/AndreSobreiro.handcycling

Everything started 15 years ago following a motorbike accident. A paraplegic, he has dedicated his life to hand cycling. His dreams were the 2016 Olympic Games. And "as those who always run reach their intent", he competed and prepared himself throughout Europe, since 2014, with the support of OSIRIS. In Rio de Janeiro there was no Portuguese representation in the sport of hand cycle. But André did not give up. Now, a double national champion, he aspires to the gold medal in 2020 at the Olympic Games in Japan. OSIRIS does as well. We are together André!

Próximo Presentewww.proximopresente.com

In its mission to aid families at risk, Próximo Presente counted with the participation of OSIRIS SOCIAL in the preparation of Christmas baskets. There were about 40 households and more than 100 people who benefited from this joint initiative. In 2016 an event was held to raise school material.

Associação Respirawww.respira.pt

Some communication events are undertaken with a focus on the mission of this Institution: to promote the knowledge of "Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease" and other chronic respiratory conditions.

Casa de Santo Antóniowww.casasantoantonio.org.pt

OSIRIS SOCIAL participates in the organization of solidarity festivals to support more than 20 teenage mothers with obvious financial constraints. The goal is to contribute to the creation of conditions so that mothers and children have a stable and autonomous life.

GECCP - Head and neck cancer Study Groupwww.geccp.pt

Campaign for the prevention and awareness of head and neck cancer. OSIRIS has contributed to holding a campaign with the greatest possible visibility among the Portuguese.

Associação Finais Felizeshttp://assoc-finaisfelizes.blogspot.pt

OSIRIS SOCIAL cooperates with this association towards their main objective of supporting the development and well-being of people with special needs.