Social Responsibility

In 2008 OSIRIS decided to add a new page in its history, thus creating OSIRIS SOCIAL, with the aim of assisting poor people to achieve some of their dreams.

It is a priority of the OSIRIS group to introduce socially responsible practices in its operations. The group seeks not only to support Social Solidarity Institutions (Charities), as well as to promote the participation of its teams in the various projects of the same nature in which it is involved. In order to achieve these two objectives, in 2008 OSIRIS SOCIAL was created. Our employees are actively involved with the cause and visit regularly, the institutions supported by the group.

"It is essential that companies intervene in society in an active and responsible manner. It is essential to seek to improve the quality of life of individuals and of the community. At OSIRIS we intend to increase the well-being of children and their families, who need a healthy and happy environment. Nowadays the introduction of policies on social responsibility is crucial and it is of the utmost importance to think of sustainability and the impact of corporate actions in future generations."

Joaquim Ferreira
Chairman of the OSIRIS Group