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Travel packages
from Portugal to the world


Travel packages
from Portugal to the world

The travel packages for your next adventure await!

Dream of spending a night in an underwater hotel? Turn your dream trip into a reality with OSIRIS! Pack in your suitcase the originality, customization and permanent support from our teams.

Family trips, solo travel vacations or group themed trips

Find your inner peace in a spiritual retreat, cross the tides on a Mediterranean cruise or discover the Spice route on an itinerary designed for people with reduced mobility. OSIRIS has the right solution, whether it's for solo travel vacations, family trips, or group themed trips, all tailored according to your profile and with the ongoing involvement of an experienced member of our team. 


Each OSIRIS trip is a path shaped by experience, benefiting from privileged relationships with various - and recognized - global suppliers in each destination, capable of making your trip unforgettable.

Personalized trips

Regardless of the destination you have imagined for your dream trip, whether it's a geotourism journey in Mongolia or a honeymoon in Mozambique, OSIRIS teams ensure a meticulously prepared program to exceed your expectations.