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Congresses and Meetings

Events inside
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Events inside
and outside

Congresses and Meetings

Imagine holding a congress with a tight deadline for 20 thousand people, in the most exclusive infrastructure? You don't have to imagine it. OSIRIS's M.I.C.E. department guarantees you the best possible chance and a meticulous detailing that will make your event a success that will echo throughout the sector.


No event is too complex for OSIRIS. From the most exclusive space, to visual effects worthy of Bollywood, to a catering straight out of the mind of the world's most renowned chefs, OSIRIS guarantees you a successful congress, the result of its experience in various productions.


Can you imagine having the periodical company meeting in a cosy chalet in the Alps, with a large wide screen and all the human resources you need at your disposal, while the snow covers the outdoor landscapes white? Stop imagining and make the most of OSIRIS's complete solutions in this area.


Do you want to reward the high performance of your employees or invite your best clients to a weekend on a private beach in the Indian Ocean? OSIRIS will design a tailor-made programme in order to meet all your objectives and satisfy all the participants' profiles.

Motivational Events

Moments that stay in the memory

The OSIRIS team is permanently focused on attracting new partners, which allows us to develop a growing and broad range of services which are always highly differentiated. We offer unique and exciting itineraries, locations and activities. Thematic programmes, unique playful moments, training moments, convivial and gala dinners, team building activities, among other key moments in an incentive, stand out. Diversity and originality make our team the only possible choice.

Corporate Sports Events

Do you feel that a winner takes all on the football pitch is what your company needs to end the rivalry between the accounts and the marketing department? Or do you prefer to hold a basketball tournament with your closest friends? You can continue to enjoy a group lunch, a productive sales meeting or a glamorous closing ceremony, associating to your event a company football tournament, an innovative Flag Football experience, or even sports that you never dreamed existed such as Lacrosse. Whatever the preference and whatever the sport, from the draw to the trophy ceremony, through the refereeing teams, Osiris organizes everything to the smallest detail to make your company's event a memorable sporting experience!

Nature, Adventure & Outdoor

Take a chance to become a raider of the Lost Ark in the green and unique landscapes of the Azores or take the opportunity to discover the most hidden corners of Madeira Island. With Osiris, you can enjoy the best that nature has to offer, from breathtaking scenic views to hidden paradises in the remotest corners of Portugal, Spain, Morocco or even Asia. Put on your red hat and jump into the sea to watch the cetaceans that roam the archipelagos and the coast of the country, or if you prefer, grab your binoculars and watch the routine of the birds that hover over the Camino de Santiago. Observe the Sahara Desert with snow-covered feet on top of the Atlas Mountains. If Asia is more to your liking, why not enjoy a cup of tea aboard a cruise on the Mekong River?

Thematic events

Thematic events are an increasingly explored reality in the most diverse professional and social segments. The vast majority carry cultural and symbolic aspects with very strong meanings that go far beyond the mere choice of places and decorations.
The experiential and emotional weight demands the best of all, including the participants who will want to fulfill all the details and enter the script. Expectations are high and OSIRIS's M.I.C.E. department does not facilitate in terms of the organisation.