Sport and Thematic
Sports is the new S in OSIRIS added value proposal!

While global trends are bringing more people into sports, also increasing women’s participation in general sports and fitness related activities, companies are also introducing sports in their incentives and corporate events.  Sports and recreation have a large positive effect on reducing the risk of many physical problems, raising morale, motivation, productivity, and better mood and atmosphere in the working environment.

At your disposal we will have state of the art sports venues to fit either small or major corporate sports events.

Sport Events

Who have never dreamed of being Messi, Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, or Michael Jordan for one day?!

You can still enjoy a typical Portuguese or Spanish welcome party, a focused and productive meeting or a breathtaking closing ceremony, while you add a company football tournament, an innovative footgolf experience, you can wear your Air Jordans for a basketball cup, ground a ball on your opponent’s volleyball court, or win a company race/marathon in one of our many idyllic locations!

Portugal and Spain breathe sports, and OSIRIS is your perfect local partner for corporate sports events.

Our Corporate Sports Services

Sports venues hiring
Sports competition coordination
Sports arrangements
Out of the box Sports Ideas

With more than 20 years of experience organizing events, our team will help you hiring the best sports venues to your event, either a football field, a volleybal and basketball court, a swimming pool, an athletics track, a paddle tennis arena, or some of the finest golf courses in the world, ensuring your company will have a life changing sports experience! We are also strong sports fans and we will coordinate your entire competition with our specialized sports directors, referees and score keepers from every sport, arranging the draws, competitive schedules, or general management and rules, we dont leave any detail unattended.

For our sports coordination team there aren’t impossible challenges and we will be there to provide you with unforgettable sports experiences in a professional football stadium, a professional academy, or meet one of our international sports legends.

With an out of the box mindset we will show you sports you have never dreamed of!

OSIRIS is committed in delivering a memorable sports experience to your corporate event!

Thematic events

Themed events are an increasingly exploited reality in the most diverse social and professional segments. The great majority carries cultural and symbolic aspects with very strong meanings that go far beyond mere local options and decorations.

The weight of experience and emotion requires the best of all, including participants who will want to fulfill all the details and enter in the narrative. Expectations are heightened and the OSIRIS M.I.C.E. department does not ease up on the organization.

Creativity without limits

Creativity, diversity, quality and excellence are the basis of our productions, whatever the need or desire. We have no limits either at sea, on earth or in the sky. Our events are pure emotions, whether between colleagues or business partners, whether between friends or family. The OSIRIS team ensures the entire coordination regardless of the type of event. The definition of the theme and program, choice of locations, construction of the environments, gastronomic selection, catering, logistics management, animation, invitation and definition of guide lines and dress code for guests, transport logistics, promotion, are, among others, some of the tasks to be fulfilled. Our team will be the first to arrive and the last to leave. The experience gives us the ability to continue selling dreams with high levels of imagination.