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Originality and a personalized service

The wide range of national and international offers makes the world a complex destination. The decision-making process and the preparation of a trip require special care. The OSIRIS offer seeks to be distinguished by its originality, customization and follow up, focusing mainly on niche destinations.

The vast experience and credibility of the internal teams and the network of global partners won for OSIRIS the award "Brand of excellence and prestige, socially responsible" assigned by the World LifeStyle. Its award expresses the level of expertise in customized leisure travel and high quality at all levels. But, more importantly, it has been the recognition of the loyalty of our clients.


We believe that the well-being of those traveling depends mainly on the preparation stage. From the outset, the OSIRIS teams seek to assess in detail the preferences and expectations of each traveller. The quality of the assessment creates real opportunities complemented by the options of services inherent to each destination and by the technical validation on the ground and thorough logistics coordination on behalf of the OSIRIS professionals.


The experience of the OSIRIS teams ensures a high degree of optimization regardless of the client’s profile. We think about the wishes of the families that rely on the preparation of a customized service, of the travellers who wish for autonomy in the selection and freedom during the trip and those who value less usual destinations and dispense pre-defined packages. For the most demanding, OSIRIS offers a specialized department in international luxury travel and high exclusivity.


The customization and continuous follow up are differentiating elements of Osiris in the organization of international travel of a private nature. The quality, safety and proximity to the client are three aspects that we seek to permanently respect. The availability and experience ensures a rapid response and resolution at the right moment and in any part of the world. The network of global partners complements our action.

Thematic group trips

Group travel with individual care

The group experiences of OSIRIS are thought of according to the various profiles of participants with originality, diversity and safety. All organized trips come with the continued involvement of an OSIRIS member, endowed with the experience and technical knowledge adapted to the needs and specificities of this type of travel.


The long standing experience of OSIRIS teams guarantees, every year, the organization of a large number of international group trips. At the same time it allows the benefit of privileged trade relations with different and recognized global suppliers, which gives a high level of credibility to the entire process of preparation and execution. The competitive advantages and tailored solutions guarantee a history of activity that result in a reputation that makes us very proud.


The effort of the OSIRIS teams has been channeled mainly into the knowledge and expertise in destinations of distinct natures and considered niche. However, the familiarization with the diversity of destinations worked and the process carried out from the programming to the implementation and monitoring during the experience, is recognized by travellers from various segments. The demand is increasingly bigger and specialization is required to be more appropriate on a daily basis.


The extensive experience and credibility of the OSIRIS team and the worldwide network of partners has granted the award "Brand of excellence and prestige, social responsibility" by World LifeStyle.

Its attribution expresses the level of expertise in fully customized leisure travel and ans a service of excellence. But more important than anything else it is to receive recognition and loyalty from our customers.

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