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International Partners
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Thematic and Cultural Tours in Portugal and/or Spain for groups or individual clients.

The OSIRIS circuits propose a deep immersion into PORTUGAL & SPAIN culture, to find out about its secular history, the flavors, traditions and beautiful landscapes through unique and immersive experiences.
With OSIRIS these will be unforgettable journeys!


A country of contrasts, with countless idyllic settings, castles, palaces and fairy tale gardens. Let yourself be lost in the endless kilometres of beaches from north to south and in the beauty of the plains and mountains, while enjoying the wonderful Portuguese gastronomy, always accompanied by world-renowned wines, as well as the friendliness of a lovely and hospitable people.


With profound religious origins and a large multiculturalism spread throughout world famous cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville or Granada. Let yourself be involved in the art that famous Spanish artists have produced over time and visit the monuments that reflect its grandiosity, history and beauty, while tasting the tapas and wines of unparalleled quality. From the coastal regions to the mountainous areas of the Pyrenees and Asturias, you will enjoy a diverse range of unique natural contrasts.

Nature, Adventure and Outdoor Trips in Portugal and Spain

There are almost one thousand kilometres of beaches to explore from north to south of Portugal, with footpaths from which you will not want to deviate from. But Portugal is not only this: go across the Atlantic and discover the natural richness of the Lagoon of the Seven Cities, in the Azores, or go on an adventure through Madeira on canyoning routes, getting to know all the corners of this archipelago. If the other side of the border attracts you, how about climbing to the summit of the Picos de Europa that greeted the navigators returning to the continent? Are you looking for extreme sports? There's a cable car to a snowy Sierra Nevada waiting for you to finish your visit to the Alhambra.


Find out up close the football pitches from where great talents of world sport like Cristiano Ronaldo emerged and the waves that catapulted Tiago "Saca" Pires to the limelight of Surf and take the opportunity to take some shots in the radiant and unique golf courses that Portugal offers. From the infrastructures, to the organization of the events, to the equipment and referees, Osiris takes care of everything to make your international sports tournament a success.

Sports venues hiring
Sports competition coordination
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Incentives, Congresses and meetings in Portugal

Imagine holding a congress with a tight deadline for 20 thousand people, in the most exclusive infrastructure? You don't have to imagine it. OSIRIS's M.I.C.E. department guarantees you the best possible chance and a meticulous detailing that will make your event a success that will echo throughout the sector.

Incentives in Portugal

Did your team have a top performance? Great! Bring them to Portugal and immerse them in the sand of the most beautiful beaches, in the rhythm of the most picturesque cities and marvel at the natural beauty that puts the country at the top of tourist preferences. Whether it is a trip through the Peneda-Gerês National Park or a dive at Mantarrota Beach, Osiris takes care of everything to ensure a memorable stay for your employees.

Congresses and Meetings in Portugal

How about organizing a conference at the Torre de Belém or at the Altice Arena for 50 thousand people from all over the world? It is an idea that becomes excellent if it involves the Osiris M.I.C.E. department, which will make the event a success by optimizing the chances and taking care of the details.

Madeira and Azores Collection

The passion for the Portuguese archipelagos led OSIRIS to found local offices with permanent and highly specialized teams. The increased demand for these destinations requires a highly personalized and quality service, in line with our philosophy.

The ATLANTIC COLLECTION (Azores & Madeira) aims to reconcile knowledge and core experiences with art and local expertise to manage the needs of tourists and the different segments in which OSIRIS operates, focusing on the experiences in nature that only these paradisiacal islands in the Atlantic can provide.







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