Incoming OSIRIS in Portugal & Spain

Tours in Portugal and Spain for groups and individuals.

OSIRIS is distinguished by its long history in the management of groups and individual clients, providing high levels of operational safety and a thorough knowledge that give the opportunity for a total customization of services. There is a constant concern in designing new itineraries and suggesting unique and original activities because we know that creativity is a synonym of differentiation and authenticity.

The closeness and the annual volume contracted out provide our teams with negotiating advantages with partners and suppliers to place at the disposal of our clients. It is mainly this competitiveness, credibility and seriousness that make us a global agency with clients in all continents.

Specialists in Portugal & Spain

The OSIRIS circuits propose a deep immersion into Iberian culture, to find out about its secular history, the flavors, traditions and beautiful landscapes. With OSIRIS these will be unforgettable journeys!


PORTUGAL is a country of contrasts. With many idyllic sceneries, castles, palaces and gardens worthy of fairy tales. Lose yourself in the endless kilometers of beaches from north to south and in the beauty of the plains and mountains. You will be even more fascinated by the religiosity displayed at one of the most important Marian shrines in the world (Fatima), and in the magnificent treasures of sacred art. You can also enjoy the wonderful cuisine, always accompanied by fine wines which are recognized worldwide. To emphasize the affection and simplicity of a friendly and hospitable people.


SPAIN is a country of passions! With profound religious origins, a rich folklore and a large multiculturalism. It has numerous world-famous cities such as MADRID, BARCELONA, BILBAO, SEVILLE, GRANADA... You can immerse yourself in its museums, in art that very famous Spanish artists produced over time and visit monuments that reflect grandiosity, history and beauty. SPAIN is also a synonym of flavors, from the famous tapas to the high quality wines. Venture out in the beautiful coastal regions or in the mountainous area of the PYRENEES and ASTURIAS, where you will enjoy natural contrasts as never seen before.

Group Travel

Cultural & Leisure

The culture, the traditions and the territorial characteristics given to the various regions, both Portuguese and Spanish, provide combinations so unique that guarantee an almost endless diversity of offer. The climate, beaches, gastronomy, nightlife, cultural offer are options to take into account when drawing up the program of the trip.

Religion: paths of faith

Portugal and Spain are pure itineraries of faith where OSIRIS is committed both to the built heritage, as well as the immaterial heritage. There are several paths travelled by pilgrims who repeat the steps of yesteryear destined to the sacred or with the goal of finding themselves spiritually. One of the most ancient is the "Camino de Santiago" in Galicia, Spain of whom we are partners, among others, in Portugal, Spain and France. The high annual volume of religious groups allowed OSIRIS to specialize in Catholic routes and pilgrimages extending to France (Lourdes). OSIRIS trips are unique spiritual experiences.

Thematic trips

Nature, traditions, gastronomy, heritage, sport and literature are just some of the possible topics. Customized to the groups, OSIRIS is conspicuous by its originality.

Youth Tourism

The youngest segment has required the teams of OSIRIS to constantly search for a qualified technical offer, original activities and a balance between knowledge gain and unique and memorable leisure moments. Traditions, nature, sports, technical visits, cultural and unique experiences are just some of the choices available to groups.

Individual Travel


For families or small groups, the OSIRIS team proposes a wide range of offers, always with the highest level of customization, originality, and in accordance to the preferences of travelers.

Travel services

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  • Entrances in Monuments
  • Events and Conferences
  • Thematic Activities
  • Entertainment and Animation
  • Gala dinners


The passion for the Portuguese islands led OSIRIS to decide to have local offices, with highly specialised permanent local teams. In addition to the passion. It also became a need due to the increase in demand for the destinations in question and the richness and specialisation that both groups of islands require for a highly customised quality service (in line with the permanent performance of the OSIRIS teams).

The OSIRIS ATLANTIC COLLECTION (Azores & Madeira) seeks to reconcile the knowledge and central experience with the art and local specialisation to better manage the needs of tourists and the different segments in which we perform.
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