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Mice tourism: incentives, congresses, and meetings in Portugal.


The ideal choice for your meetings and corporate events

With its mild and pleasant climate, boasting an average of 3000 hours of sunshine per year and 850 km of incredible beaches on the Atlantic Ocean shoreline, Portugal is the perfect holiday destination all year round.

Located in southwest Europe, Portugal is easily accessible, being only two to three hours flight away from most European capitals. It has the oldest borders in Europe and a variety of different landscapes, plenty of leisure activities, and a unique cultural heritage where tradition and modernity blend in perfect harmony.

Recognised for its beauty and attractions, Portugal is often awarded as one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Also known as a popular destination for events, experience tells us that you won't regret bringing your guests to the country of Portugal.

Why choose Portugal?

  • Air connections with most European capitals and direct routes from Spain, the USA, and access to Latin American markets;
  • Connections with Asia and Oceania;
  • A multiplicity of resources and places of interest that make Portugal the ideal choice for MICE tourism;
  • Highly developed and diverse infrastructure: convention spaces, meeting venues, events, and attractions for incentive trips;
  • Excellent hotel offers with renowned hotel chains;
  • Cultural charm: Portugal boasts impressive monuments, incredible landscapes, and a diverse and delicious cuisine;
  • A historical heritage of over eight centuries, combined with a modern and contemporary outlook.


Immerse yourself in Portuguese culture and discover the duality of its traditions intertwined with modernity while enjoying experiences as distinct as they are revealing of our identity:


  • Tram and tuk-tuk tours through historic neighborhoods;
  • Tastings of local gastronomy;
  • Private and personalized visits to wineries;
  • Tours in jeeps, classic cars, and sports cars;
  • Hot air balloon rides and helicopter tours;
  • Private excursions on the Tagus and Douro rivers on catamarans, speedboats, and sailboats;
  • Thematic experiences: sustainability, well-being, architecture, social responsibility.

Discover the main regions

Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve hold a strong position in the MICE tourism industry. They boast the country's largest infrastructure, including venues, hotels, and restaurants. These cities have excellent transportation connections and offer a comprehensive range of cultural, leisure and tourist attractions and activities, making them key points of interest in Portugal's MICE industry.

With the growing popularity of Lisbon and Porto, these cities are becoming hubs of technological and creative innovation, with many modern, vibrant, and unique venues to discover. Whether it's congresses and conventions, gala dinners, parties, or concerts, these regions maximize their options, ensuring originality and personality for your event.

Meanwhile, the Algarve stands out as our quintessential resort destination, the best beach destination in Europe, where you can do much more than just lounge in the sun. The sea, the unique landscape, the unspoiled nature, the culture, and tradition, along with the welcoming people, come together to provide you with unique and diverse experiences.

Madeira offers the ideal combination of leisure and work for a corporate event. The mild weather throughout the year, beautiful scenery, sea breeze, and various activities to enjoy are just some of the reasons why Madeira is a destination to consider for an incentive trip.

As for the Azores, with their identity linked to nature and adventure and their slightly more limited tourism infrastructure, they are an ideal destination for incentive programs for small and medium-sized groups, with a more thematic approach.


Are you planning your next event? How about Lisbon?

A historic and welcoming city that greets its visitors with bright sunshine for 290 days a year. Where you'll feel safe to wander day or night, where gastronomy is dedicated to finding over a thousand different ways to cook cod, and where you'll find hotels and restaurants to suit every taste, budget, and requirement.

Discover Lisbon, an authentic city where old customs and ancient history blend with cultural animation and technological innovation. Lisbon has no age, but it loves company - a truth you'll quickly discover when asking for suggestions from any local resident.

Why choose Lisbon?

  • The picturesque historic neighborhoods, viewpoints, and rooftops, with excellent gastronomic offerings;
  • Authenticity and modernity: a fantastic blend of historic palaces with trendy new spaces. A city with personality;
  • Beaches, charming villages, and vineyards, a wide range of locations for unforgettable activities and all within a 30-minute drive!;
  • Spaces for congresses, conferences, and medium-large-scale events;
  • Monumental spaces, with the transformation of historic and heritage buildings for event hosting, ideal for gala dinners;
  • Some of the largest luxury hotels in the country offering options for large meetings;
  • A wide range of activities, with highlights including nautical experiences on the Tagus River, exploring Lisbon's historic neighborhoods by its famous tram, helicopter flights over the city, or driving classic cars along the Lisbon coast to Cascais.


Are you considering an incentive trip to Northern Portugal? 

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, well-known for its Port wine, its gastronomy, and the unparalleled hospitality of its inhabitants. Visitors to Porto feel as if they are returning home.

With a privileged location and excellent transportation connections, Porto offers easy access to stunning landscapes such as the Douro Valley and to Galicia in Spain, both less than an hour's drive away.

Why choose Porto?

  • The centuries-old historic center, such as the Ribeira district, the surrounding monuments, and the wonderful connection with the Douro River;
  • The warm character of its inhabitants and the extraordinary gastronomy, with a highlight on the symbiosis between tradition and modernity of award-winning restaurants and chefs;
  • Gateway to the famous Douro wine region, with ancestral wine cellars located on the opposite bank of the river in Gaia, and associated wine tourism and event exploration;
  • From Porto, you can explore the Douro Valley, hike in the Peneda Gerês Natural Park, or visit other historic and important cities such as Braga, Guimarães, and Aveiro;
  • Spaces for congresses, conferences, and medium-scale events;
  • Activities as diverse as boat tours on the Douro River, discovering the historic center by electric tuk-tuk, 4x4 jeep tours in the Douro Valley, or experiences in wineries, including visits, tastings, and meals.


If you're unsure about your next destination, considering the Algarve could be a wise idea. The stunning southern coast of Portugal, where the weather is sunny all year round and the sea seems endless, is the ideal region for corporate events and product launches, offering the perfect synergy of work and leisure.

In addition to the stunning beaches, the Algarve offers diverse gastronomy, excellent hotels, and spectacular natural scenery, such as rock formations and hiking trails.

Why choose Algarve?

  • A natural amusement park: beaches, good weather, surfing, hiking, cycling, and golf;
  • It boasts some of the best golf courses in Europe, as well as football fields, race tracks, and other sports facilities;
  • Typically Mediterranean cuisine;
  • Numerous entertainment options for events such as parties, bands, bars, nightclubs, casinos;
  • Several options for 4 and 5-star accommodation, both for large-scale meetings and in the luxury segment.


Hosting an event on an idyllic island? 

The islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, situated in the midst of the Atlantic, offer breathtaking natural beauty. In this archipelago, two-thirds of the area is protected.

With a spring-like climate year-round, there are numerous outdoor activities to enjoy. You can stroll along the network of levadas (irrigation channels), take boat trips, visit the city of Funchal, and discover the heritage associated with the Age of Discoveries.

Madeira has been recognised by the World Travel Awards as the Best Island Destination in Europe for six consecutive years, ensuring a relaxing and exhilarating experience in this paradise in the Atlantic Ocean.

Why choose Madeira?

  • Perfect trekking activities and hiking trails that allow you to get to know and explore the island and its terrain on foot;
  • The village of Santana; where you can see traditional Madeiran houses, visit the exhibition park, and learn about some of the island's traditions in a fun and interactive way;
  • Excellent 4 and 5-star properties, with ample space for significant meetings and corporate events;
  • Nature-related activities, such as botanical tours, 4x4 jeep rides, boat trips in the Atlantic, or activities related to Madeiran traditions and gastronomy.


Dreaming of a destination that captivates you? 

Explore the natural beauty of the Azores, a paradise in the Atlantic Ocean. From the white sandy beaches of Santa Maria to the lagoons of São Miguel, there is much to discover.

The central islands offer whale and dolphin sightings, while the western islands will surprise you with waterfalls and natural lagoons.

Why choose Açores?

  • Breathtaking natural beauty: volcanic activity, lagoons, dense vegetation, and vast ocean views;
  • Adventure experiences such as biking, kayaking, trekking, dolphin or whale watching;
  • Azorean gastronomy, with the "cozido das furnas" as a highlight;
  • Above all, the thermal baths, the icons of the region;
  • Ideal 4 and 5-star hotel options for small to medium-sized meetings and events.

Who is OSIRIS?

OSIRIS is an agency specializing in MICE tourism, with a renowned reputation and composed of professionals dedicated to designing new itineraries with creative and original programs, in order to offer distinctive and authentic experiences.

The close proximity and annual contracted volume provide our teams with advantages in negotiating with partners and suppliers. It is this competitiveness, credibility, and dedication that make us a global agency with clients on every continent.

Currently, MICE tourism programs are the best way to motivate employees or show appreciation to clients. OSIRIS finds the most appropriate program according to your company's needs, budget, and schedule.

Additionally, we are constantly focused on recruiting new partners, which allows us to develop a range of highly differentiated services. The diversity and originality of our offerings make our team the only possible choice.