The recognition, motivation, learning and the devotion to team spirit are some of the purposes of incentive programs, prepared by many companies especially for their employees, clients, suppliers and key partners.

In the OSIRIS M.I.C.E. department, each one of the solutions is thought, exactly, from the base objective and improved on the basis of the identity of the company/brand and the profiles of the participants. These are experiences that must be unique to achieve the desired objectives.

Motivational Events

Moments which remain in the memory.

The OSIRIS team is permanently focused on recruiting new partners, which allows us to develop a growing and extended range of services and always highly differentiating. We offer itineraries, exclusive locations and activities, which are unique and exciting. We highlight the thematic programs, unique leisure moments, the training moments, the convivial and gala dinners, the team building activities, among other key moments in an incentive. The diversity and originality make our team the only possible choice.