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"Our destiny is to contribute to the success and satisfaction of our clients."


O-JETS is the result of a perfect blend between private aviation and corporate travel. Our goal is to offer not only the best possible solutions for business jets but also a perfect combination between private aircrafts and scheduled flights in order to achieve the perfect mix between comfort and cost.

O-JETS benefits from the in-house synergies with the well-established OSIRIS TRAVEL, offering 24 hour customer support.

The services we provide are not limited to the most common Business and Leisure trips but also to partner with aircraft operators who require worldwide crew positioning and also consultancy services.

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Oficina de Viagens

The extensive experience and credibility of the OSIRIS team and the worldwide network of partners has granted the award "Brand of excellence and prestige, social responsibility" by World LifeStyle.

Its attribution expresses the level of expertise in fully customized leisure travel and ans a service of excellence.

But more important than anything else it is to receive recognition and loyalty from our customers.

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Osiris - Atlantic Collection

The passion for the Portuguese islands led OSIRIS to decide to have local offices, with highly specialised permanent local teams. In addition to the passion. It also became a need due to the increase in demand for the destinations in question and the richness and specialisation that both groups of islands require for a highly customised quality service (in line with the permanent performance of the OSIRIS teams).

The OSIRIS ATLANTIC COLLECTION (Azores & Madeira) seeks to reconcile the knowledge and central experience with the art and local specialisation to better manage the needs of tourists and the different segments in which we perform.

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