Corporate Travel

Management at the service of institutions and companies

National and international companies in multiple sectors of activity, elected OSIRIS as a preferred partner for the management of their corporate travel and holding of their events. We pride ourselves on the reputation earned. The innovative technological solutions for the management that we possess have strengthened the quality of our teams and of our services.

Time and Cost Optimization

Travel and corporate events are already one of the major investments by the business sector. The world no longer has business borders and the day-to-day has become a challenge for long distances. OSIRIS is committed to a management based on the optimization of its offer. The experience of our teams ensures a perfect balance between time spent in terms of miles and the travel costs associated to it. The success of the OSIRIS clients´ commitments makes us happier and stronger.

Technology and Safety

Technological solutions are a guarantee of security and optimization in the management of corporate travel. The diversity of performance suggests a detailed monitoring on behalf of the agency and the client. Transparency is the word of order. The information is required to be updated by the minute. The welfare of the traveller and the logistical control of the various services (flights, transfers, luggage, insurance, hotels) require a permanent monitoring and a network connection which is infallible. Because of all this, innovation of the means employed is one of our largest investments.

"OSIRIS while a global travel agency ensures the optimization and expansion of the management of travel and business destinations. The wide range of services, the experience of the teams, the ability to customize and innovative technological solutions, make us differentiators."

Luis Silva, Osiris Partner


Customization and Monitoring

Each company is different in that it has practices, needs, travel policies and specific objectives. To this reality the characteristics of the travellers themselves has to be added. The OSIRIS corporate travel managers guarantee a personalized and optimized service for both profiles. To complement, monitoring and continuous follow up allows for an immediate reaction if, new needs arise during the travel.

Experience and credibility

The operational experience of the OSIRIS teams and of the international partners is an important asset in terms of rapid response, efficient, personalized, cost optimized and to guarantee security. Our objective is to ensure a high level of experience, customized and financially competitive. The feature of innovative technology further strengthens our qualification. The long history of the company speaks for itself. The quality and diversity of services have provided the group with a vast credibility, being currently considered a reference in the market of corporate travel. The commitments assumed by ourselves are a word of order.

OSIRIS corporate travel management services:

Commercial Aviation
Private Jets
Land transport
Integrated Technology Solutions
Travel insurance
Events and Incentives
Customized Reports

OSIRIS offers a wide range of complementary services that add value to its clients for a modern and efficient management of corporate travel

Specialist Teams

Dedicated and Specialized Support Teams by sectors, for customized solutions


Permanent and emergency service: 24 hours/7 days per week


Customized reports of management control, monitoring of costs and efficiency of processes


In addition to the universe of travel, OSIRIS complements its offer with integrated services in the scope of event organization, designed to ensure the satisfaction of corporate needs or leisure moments.